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Degree Industrial Organisation and Logistics Engineering    

The aim of the Degree in Industrial Organisation and Logistics Engineering of the Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida is to provide students with the knowledges, skills and attitudes, both technical and managerial, that enables them to:
• Promote the continuous improvement and the innovation of products and services.
• Increase the competitiveness and the sustainability of the activities in the industrial and services sectors.
• Apply the organizational models, services and technological processes more suitable to each company.
Therefore the structure of the study plan pursues the acquisition of knowledges, capacities and skills, and an open mind to adapt to the new challenges that the student may find in his or her professional future.
Studying the Degree in Industrial Organisation and Logistics Engineering combines the technical formation of engineering with the formation in enterprise management and administration, for the industrial and services sectors, in accordance with efficiency, sustainability and continued quality improvement criteria. Students will be taught in areas like business management, economics, production organization, enterprise policy, jobs and human resources organization, innovation management, marketing or logistics, without forgetting engineering own areas including, among others, automation and industrial control, environmental technologies, materials engineering and fluid engineering.